2018 AFCPE Symposium

Michael Thomas, Jr., AFC®

Why Financial Empathy Matters

Financial counselors/coaches do an extraordinary job of providing clients with the necessary financial knowledge and resources to help their clients achieve financial stability and a sense of well-being. Sometimes, however, these efforts are not enough.

In this session, we will explore how demonstrating financial empathy can help support current efforts to build rapport with clients as well as improve outcomes.

About Michael:

Michael G. Thomas Jr. is an Accredited Financial Counselor® and 4th-year PhD Financial Planning Candidate at the University of Georgia. He has co-created and facilitated financial literacy programs for kids and adults as well as given a TED talk on the importance of financial empathy. Michael co-hosts an NPR affiliated radio show, Nothing Funny About Money, and provides financial counseling services to underserved populations.  His research focuses on understanding what factors influence financial well-being in low to moderate-income populations.

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