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Professional Standards

AFCPE® certification demonstrates to colleagues, clients, employers, and the public that certified individuals have the knowledge and proficiency required of the financial professional. Professionals earn this distinction through education, experience, and by meeting the highest standards of social science and practice validated by their performance through examination.

AFCPE® holds the highest standards for entry and maintenance of our certification programs and all certified professionals must adhere to the highest standards of practice.

Counselors certified by AFCPE® pledge to maintain the highest ethical standards by signing the AFCPE Code of Ethics.

AFCPE® holds our certified professionals to the highest code of conduct. All complaints are taken seriously and formally addressed through the AFCPE Certification Council. 

Ethics Panel Review Form

The AFCPE® Ethics Panel provides educational resources to meet the needs of AFCPE professionals. The Panel is available to AFCPE members and certificants who have concerns, questions, or comments related to ethical practice in general and/or who have concerns or questions about specific ethical situations. All concerns are handled with discretion. Please report your complaint/question in as much detail as possible. AFCPE Ethics Panel will request additional information if necessary. You will be notified via your preferred method when the the evaluation is concluded. AFCPE Ethics Panel will accept an anonymous submission, however, preserving anonymity may result in the Panel not being able to provide a full recommendation.

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