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AFCPE Symposium Scholarships

Symposium Student Scholarships

2018 Recipient

Texas Tech University

Financial Counseling Knowledge Bowl

Eligibility: Undergraduate university students

Applications Open! Apply by April 15!

What is the Knowledge Bowl?

Knowledge Bowl teams, comprised of 3 currently enrolled undergrad students will compete against each other in a gameshow-style competition during the symposium. Questions presented will be similar to those on the AFC® exam. The team with the most points at the end of the competition – wins! 

How do I apply?

A group response to the following questions is required as part of the application process and will be the determining factor in identifying the teams that will participate in the AFCPE® Financial Counseling Knowledge Bowl.

1. A brief introduction of each team member (a little background, current studies, and future plans)

2. Why does your team want to compete in the financial counseling knowledge bowl?

3. Why should the selection committee pick your team to compete?

Your team may use any form of media (or combination) to produce the dossier (for example it may include written response and/or pictures, audio, video, animation, etc.) See Knowledge Bowl Guidelines for complete details, then click on the Apply button below!

What do selected Knowledge Bowl teams receive? 

  • Complimentary registration to the 2019 AFCPE Symposium, November 19-21, 2019

  • 1-night stay at the Symposium hotel

  • Mentorship opportunities

  • 2020 AFCPE Membership. 

Questions? Email Sheena Parrish.

2018 Recipient

10 Scholarships Granted

Student Scholarship

Eligibility: Full-time undergrad or graduate university students

Application opens April 2019

This scholarship includes complimentary registration to the 2019 AFCPE Symposium, 1-night stay at the Symposium hotel, mentorship opportunities and 2020 AFCPE Membership. Scholarship recipients also have the opportunity to showcase their work or research. 

Note: Student papers accepted to present through the 2019 Invitation to Present submission process will automatically receive a Student Scholarship. 

Download Student Scholarship Guidelines

Questions? Email Sheena Parrish.

Symposium Military Scholarships: Applications Open June 2019!

Symposium Scholarship for Military AFC Professionals


Eligibility: AFC® Certified Military Financial Counselors

Application Opens June 2019!

Thanks to generous funding from The USAA Educational Foundation (USAAEF), AFCPE is offering military scholarships for AFC professionals to attend the 2019 AFCPE Symposium in Portland, OR. Recipients receive complimentary registration and two-nights hotel stay.

Questions? Email

We invite you to explore the tools and resources available at

Symposium Scholarship for FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellows

Eligibility: FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellows 

  • FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellows: AFC certified professionals in good standing.

  • FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellows: AFC candidates who have attempted the AFC exam and reported 50% of their required practicum hours.

Application Opens June 2019!

Thanks to generous funding from FINRA Investor Education Foundation, we are thrilled to provide scholarships to attend the 2019 AFCPE Symposium in Portland, OR. Each scholarship includes symposium registration and two nights hotel stay.

As you wait for updates on our 2019 scholarships, we invite you to explore the tools and resources of our partners. 

Questions? Email Heather Baker


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