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#ResearchWednesday - Associations of Health and Financial Resources With Stress


September 19, 2018

Without having to obtain detailed information about a client’s future, financial counselors can assess and potentially influence stress levels by an evaluation of how well-prepared clients feel


#ResearchWednesday - Identifying Bankruptcy Triggers with Medical Debt


September 05, 2018

Nearly 57% (1,094) reported some type of medical debt, with 67% (730) having medical bills of less than $3,000. Using two different “at risk” measurements, a great majority (1,436) were not categorized “at risk” of bankruptcy due to medical debt.


Research Reflections: Rethinking the 3 to 6 months Rule of Thumb

Financial Education, #ResearchWednesday

August 22, 2018

By: Dr. D. Allen Ammerman


Naughty or nice: Is there a financial reward for acting ethically?


December 27, 2017

Does being ethical and honest lead a person to riches? And do bad people get their comeuppance? Or is it the other way around? Put differently, are rich or poor people more likely to engage in unethical behavior?


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