Become a 2019 AFCPE® Member!

Join an inclusive and diverse network of professionals who share a common vision for personal finance in our country and our communities.

AFCPE® Membership is made up of a diverse network of professionals across financial education, research and practice. Membership offers important benefits to enhance your work and your career, including a strong network, cutting edge research and information and professional development.

New in 2019!  All new AFCPE sponsored professional development webinars are FREE to AFCPE members! 

Become a 2019 AFCPE Member

Annual AFCPE Membership Benefits Include:

A Strong Professional Network:

  • Member Search: Because AFCPE membership is so diverse, the member search tool connects you to a wide range of professionals across research, education and practice. Use the member network to exchange ideas and make new connections in your geographic or professionals area of interest.

  • Monthly Virtual Meet-Ups: Each month, AFCPE members host an hour-long meet-up. Topics are selected for members, by members. Meet-ups allow you to expand your knowledge while engaging with members from across the country.

  • Task Force Involvement: AFCPE membership provides you with a platform to help advance the field and create lasting impact. There are more than a dozen task forces with opportunities for leadership and involvement - from government relations to career development to diversity and inclusion - we invite you to use your strengths and become more involved with the organization.

  • Interactive Message Board: NEW FOR 2019! Connect with the AFCPE members across the country around different topics and issues that are important to you. 

Research & Information:

  • Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning (JFCP): As an AFCPE member, a copy of the latest research journal will be mailed to you in June and November. Members also receive online access to all current and past issues of the JFCP.

  • The Standard quarterly newsletter: Members receive online access to both current and past articles of The Standard, providing information which is timely, thought provoking and helps you do your job better.

  • Membership Monthly Minute: Each month, you'll receive a monthly e-blast to inform you of what's happening in the organization, in the field, and among fellow AFCPE members. The e-blast is a great opportunity to highlight the work you are doing and to share it with professionals across the field! 


Professional Development:

  • Discounts on FREE AFCPE sponsored professional development: BEGINNING IN 2019! All new AFCPE sponsored professional development webinars will be free to AFCPE members! 

  • AFCPE Symposium: Members receive a discount to attend the Annual AFCPE Symposium.

  • FPA Connect Financial Counseling Community Webinars: Each month, members are invited to a free professional development webinar hosted in partnership with the Financial Planning Association's learning platform, FPA Connect.


Career Development & Growth:

  • MentorConnect Program: For students or career changers, the MentorConnect program offers the opportunity to connect with a Mentor to gain insight and guidance. For more seasoned professionals, being a Mentor is a great way to share your knowledge and experience with future leaders in our industry.
  • Employers: List your open position on the AFCPE Career Center at a reduced member rate (50% off). AFCPE members searching for jobs can upload their resume for free.

  • Discounts: NEW IN 2019! More discounts on tools and resources that support you in your career. 

Award Recognition and Grant Funding:

  • Mary O'Neill Mini Grant: A $2500 annual mini grant for the development and implementation of an innovative, high-impact financial education project. This grant is open only to AFCPE members.

  • Annual AFCPE Awards: Members are invited annually to apply for one of our member awards - a great opportunity to bring awareness and recognition to your work, your program or your organization.


AFCPE Member logo

As an AFCPE member you are invited to use the AFCPE logo, a symbol that demonstrate to your peers, your collegues and to those you serve that you are an active participant in an organization that ensures the highest level of knowledge, skill and integrity of the personal finance profession by certifying, connecting and supporting diverse and capable professionals who serve communities worldwide.

Print the Membership Benefit packet.


Four Types of Membership

Professional Membership

For the individual professional.

$150 annually

Certification Candidate

You must currently be enrolled in one of AFCPE’s certification programs.

$100 annually

University Student

You must be studying full time at the undergraduate or graduate level in a related field or interest of personal finance, counseling or education. Full-time status will be defined by your current college or university. Unofficial transcripts will be required.

$35 annually

Emeritus Membership

For AFCPE members at full retirement age (as defined by the SSA) and in good standing for 10 or more years. 

Contact Ashlee Abraham for details. 

Note: Membership runs on a calendar year (January 1 - December 31) but brings value to your work and your career no matter when you elect to join. Membership dues are not pro-rated, as many of the benefits are available on demand through the membership dashboard. 

AFCPE membership and certification are completely separate divisions of the organization. While membership offers additional benefits to our certified professionals and provides a community for them to network and share best practices, certification is not required. However, if you are interested in also becoming certified, please visit the Certification section of the website. AFCPE Membership dues are nonrefundable. AFCPE's Refund Policy.

Here’s what people are saying about our AFCPE® membership.

I love my membership with AFCPE! It helps me feel connected to others in the field and provides resources to help me stay current with the changing economic climate.

Leslie Green-Pimental, AFC®

AFCPE is my professional home. It is where I network with colleagues, gain knowledge and skills, and volunteer time and money to advance financial education.

Barbara O'Neill, AFC®, CHC®

AFCPE members are the people who really make things happen – they create policy, do the research, develop programs and work with people who need their expertise.

Syble Solomon

Being a member of AFCPE provides both a network of supportive professionals, plus provides current and useful information directly related to serving my clients.

Jon C. Cook, AFC®, CHC®

In these days when we are stressing value more than ever, AFCPE conferences and publications provide usable, cutting-edge information that can be used immediately in my family financial education work. It is a great value.

Shirley Anderson-Porisch, AFC®

Become an AFCPE Member
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