Find a Financial Counselor

An Accredited Financial Counselor® (AFC®) can:

  • Address your immediate money challenges.
  • Create a plan to achieve your unique goals & dreams.
  • Build a sustainable foundation for long-term financial well-being.

When you work with an AFC® professional you receive financial education and guidance specific to your unique situation and needs. An AFC will never sell you products.

Finding a Financial Counselor


Always look for theAFC® mark.

The AFC designation gives you the assurance that this professional has the education, experience and highest ethical standards to help you through your specific financial challenges and opportunities.


Determine where you’d like to start.

AFC’s are trained to provide a complete continuum of care – regardless of your financial history or current financial status. They can help you uncover the healthy money habits and behaviors that can lead to financial freedom. Start where you need help now:

  • Create an effective spending plan
  • Overcome debt
  • Identify and modify ineffective money management behaviors
  • Prepare and save for retirement and other financial goals

An AFC professional will work closely to guide you through today’s challenges while helping you develop a solid financial foundation that can last a lifetime.


Find an AFC® that fits your needs.

Whether you are interested in face-to-face meetings, phone or email consultations, search above for an AFC professional who can meet your needs.


AFCPE offers several additional specialized certifications. These certified professionals are included in our professional search. All AFCPE certified professionals receive rigorous training in their field and are held to the highest ethical standards.

CHC® Certified Housing Counselors

are AFC® certified with additional knowledge to assist you with housing issues.

FFC® Financial Fitness Coach

build upon their financial counseling education using coaching techniques that empower you with your financial life.

APFC™ Accredited Personal Financial Coach

fully integrate advanced coaching skills and financial expertise to help you achieve lasting financial well-being.

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